At saint pierre SALON we do things a little differently, but our passion is the client. I wanted to create a space where stylist could express themselves and have the freedom to accommodate their clients in their own way. Every stylist is an independent contractor and runs their own business within our space.  Our goal is a positive environment for ALL to embrace a new you, new business venture or to polish the perfected one.


We have been in business since 2014  with a little different attitude about the business of hair. Miranda St.Pierre(salon owner) worked in a prominent traditional salon for 13 years and always felt the system was a bit one sided. She felt it never left the space for a stylist to truly explore their potential. She felt every artist should be highlighted and paid directly for their work, and freedom to interact directly with their client. So that is what she has done at Saint Pierre Salon. Here our stylists run their own business out of the space. This gives each individual the freedom to "create" when they work best. When they know their work will be the highest quality. It gives them the opportunity to be there own version of business owner. Working directly with the client to schedule appointments that work best for all cuts out the middle man and allows for better availability.  Miranda believes empowering the stylist truly brings out the passion and creativity that seems to be lost in more traditional situations. 

Coming from a salon education background Miranda also believes in continuing this with her colleagues. Providing options for in salon classes as well as outside education benefits. This is really our point of difference. Most independent contractor salons leave their stylists to burn out. We want to create a support system of education to inspire our stylist to keep you current as well as them well versed in their craft. Nourishing our creative spark is important to longevity in our careers.